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Monday, 23 October 2017

Useless wedding information you might never need to know

I was invited to a kitchen tea but when I turned up, the welcome sign announced it was a bridal shower. When I commented that I thought it was a kitchen tea, my friend said 'it's the same thing, isn't it? What's the difference?' I replied that I thought it was basically the gift you gave.

So when I got home, I did a bit of googling.
A kitchen tea is traditionally just an afternoon tea and you give gifts specifically for the kitchen. A bridal shower is to shower the bride with gifts and you give anything (and there may be alcohol at this even and it can be a lunch). It is usually only female friends and relatives that are invited but in the US apparently they are now unisex.

So there you have it. I know, amazing.

Raise your glass to love and all the celebrations that it entails.

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Sunday, 22 October 2017

What I would do with $1000...

To be honest, I'd pay my energy bill. How did I get an $800 electricity bill when we didn't even use a heater all winter and we have gas for water and the stove?  And the more important question, when did $1000 not become a lot of money? It is a lot of money but it just doesn't seem to go far when you talk rates, insurance, rego or electricity and water.

Life is expensive and at times very dull.

That said, at Bingo I had the chance to win $1400 and I looked at my friend in amazement, eyes widened and announced "That's a LOT of money!". So I guess the money is more if it is for fun. For $1000 I could buy a great dress, shoes and dinner to match. For $1000 I could throw a great party or go on a little trip.

I went to Bingo for the dancing and the fun, and I guess ultimately, that's more important than the money. Especially as I didn't win any.

There is truth to the adage by Francis Bacon “Money is a great servant but a bad master.” 

What would you do with $1000?

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Friday, 20 October 2017

After the ball

I like the strange forlornness, that the fun is over but the evidence of the party is still there...just whispers of a good time, and a lot to clean up.

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Bongos Bingo DownUnder

If you're at a loose end tonight in Sydney, or next weekend in Western Sydney (then Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane), grab yourself some tickets to a crazy fun night! There's laughter, dancing and of course, bingo! Dates and tickets here.

Our small posse were the oldest in the crowd but it didn't matter (and let's face it, it's now my normal) as we knew the music and amid the shimmering glitter showers, no one cared....

There is dancing and yelling between rounds of Bingo, and during the games as well. The prizes range from substantial money to the curiously desirable (I really wanted the Pikachu suit, and yet have no idea why?!), but it isn't really about the winning...

You too will be loving life, as least until the party is over...

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Monday, 16 October 2017


I was a little down in the dumps today - no reason, just general malaise and a bit of wear and tear. I have talked many times (here, here and it all started here) about my awe of the work of the Landmine Museum and School in Siem Reap When I got back from our trip to Siem Reap, I set about finding a way to help them. I rang airlines to see if I could pay an attendant to carry books over for me. I tried to see if I could get book depository to post there for me. A friend's daughter was going to go there on a school trip but then it fell through in the last minute. Fast forward almost three years later and a friend is going for work. She has offered to take the bag of donations over for me (please note she will pack the bag herself and I've purchased a new bag that can be left with the charity.) I have rung the embassy who has assured me it is fine to bring in a suitcase of donations/gifts for the charity as long as I have a copy of the correspondence with the charity. Given the items are pencils and toothpaste, we will be well under the value limit for importing gifts anyway.

Which brings me back to my mood. Feeling a little fragile, I decided I would go out and purchase the bag she will take over. I then came home and packed it with the items already donated by friends. It made me feel so good. My mood has shot back up and currently is slightly elated. You see, now that I've managed to fulfill this small dream, three years in the making, I've decided to aim higher. On their wishlist page, where they have a link to donate  via paypal for simple things like hair brushes and laundry detergent, they also have this: IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A MAJOR DONATION TO HELP US BUY A NEW TRUCK TO TRANSPORT THE KIDS, CONTACT US DIRECTLY AND WE EXCHANGE DETAILS.

So I've decided I'm going to get them a truck. I have no idea how, as of yet, but it's a worthwhile project. They say helping others makes you feel good. I have to say even just the idea of helping others seems to lift your spirits.

So I'm adding it to the list. And if there is any big business that needs a tax write off or wants to help some fabulous kids and people in need of transportation, please contact the Landmine Museum and Relief Centre.

Torshlusspanik List:

1. Shooting (check)
2. Fencing (check)
3. Play croquet at Croquet Club
4. Laser skeet
5. Off road buggy driving
6. Play Assassins Creed
7. Jetpacking (check)
8. The Color Run (check)
9. Invent something
10. Cooking Masterclass (check)
11. Master a Masterclass (check)
12. Perform a rap song (check)
13. Trampoline adventure (check)
14. BMX Riding (check)
15. Do a cart wheel (check)
16. Ride an Electric Bike (check)
17. Astonish Myself
18. Write a book.
19. Participate in a distance event (check)
20. Climb Sydney Tower (check)
21. Dance in a dance class (check)
22. Trust a stranger
23. Get a truck for the Landmine Museum and Relief Centre in Siem Reap

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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Sunday Lunch

On Sunday I took some time out with some girlfriends for a lunch at Sake in Double Bay. 2 hours of free flowing champagne and a Japanese feast, we talked and laughed and escaped our normal lives. Not wanting it to end, we retired to the roof top bar for a final hurrah.

Lovely views and a relaxed setting were not marred by the inclement weather. For a few hours I was truly loving life!

When was the last time you spoiled yourself?

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Friday, 13 October 2017

Look again!

See the exotic flowers of the Malaysian jungle?

Look again.

They're Lego, planted amid the real garden at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.

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“Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden.” ― Phaedrus